Message From Rashid:

This website has a page for each classmate and teacher.

Some classmates have sent family photos and stories for their pages.

Special thanks to Barbara Abbott for the Bridge Street and Gray Avenue School photos.

I will be at our 55th Reunion.

Please bring photos, pamphlets and brochures from our time at school to post on our class website.

If you bring photos on a flash drive, I will download them on my laptop.

Photos from prior reunions would also be nice.

Our website permits videos of 2-5 minute duration, depending on quality. Anything longer can always be made into a utube video.

Any videos generated at the Reunion will be posted.

If you want to drop off photos before or after the reunion, I will be at Ardie Oji’s from Friday PM to Monday AM.

You can always reach me at 309-797-8000.


Rashid Choudhry