Class Update April, 2019

MaryLou Bibeau
Taking a breath in the moment. Still working happily. Husband takes a great deal of time where he is in his health issues, but in a terrific place so he is happy and I am as well. Focus on family now. We have 1 high school and 5 university graduations between now and June. Holy Smokes. Still wanting to hook up with you ladies. Life will settle down at some point. Take care of yourselves. Mary Lou

Yes to both. It would be good to see you. Hopefully home when you are near. I could meet you somewhere not a problem. Just give a little heads up. Don’t be surprised I am gimpy right now. Broke my femur really well. Got a titanium rod from hip to knee. Finally back on m bike and hope to be running by summer. Looks worse than it is

Teresa Tokuno
Finally finished the last of the Hurricane Harvey flood repair. It took almost 2 years.

The weather here in Southeast Texas is in the 70s during the day so it is the best time to visit and see Bluebonnets and pink lady flowers.

We don’t have much planned for this year. Perhaps we will go to Lake Charles, Louisiana and visit the Golden Nugget Resort . It’s only a 4-hour drive from here. We have more free time to get away because we don’t have to wait around for contractors. That is s luxury.

I hope you will still meet. I have enjoyed seeing the get together photos.

Love you all.

And more……I just had to tell you about my mother’s high school class reunion. At the end of April, she will be attending her 79th high school reunion in Sacramento. She said last time there we 10 people that attended. Mother is 97. She said the same person has been organizing it. One classmate is a woman who was a pilot in WWII and received a Medal of Honor.

George Pappas
George and Nancy’s Great granddaughter born 3/22 6lbs 6oz 22 ins. perfect.

Robin Coats
Thank you for the note. It made me smile.

As for trips, Jim and I have talked about a trip in May (Vienna and Budapest) but we have yet to pick some dates. I was supposed to go to Vancouver today with Jim on a business trip but our daughter is in the hospital so I have stayed behind.

I am doing fine given all of my experiences. However, I had a doctor ask me yesterday if I was able to do all that I wanted to do and I wondered how to respond. I have given up skiing, long walks without frequent stops, walking when I play golf etc… I think I could give communication classes for doctors.

As for dates, the only weekend that is questionable is May 4 and 5. I am interested in any excuse to come up and spend a few days in Yuba City.

Polly Fitzgerald
So good to get your note! I’m eight weeks from replacing right hip…almost off cane…driving…and have Zumba as a goal, out there a ways. Counting my blessings of family and friends helping me while I walk through grief missing Norm. I’m staying in God’s arms as the “new chapter” is evolving. Sun is out today in Oregon City! Spring is on its way…looking forward to enjoying the outdoors. You are so kind to keep us all in touch. Thank you! Love, Polly

Nancy Harris
Hi Dottie. I will be out of town on May 4th and May 11th. May 9-13 will be a Fort Bragg trip that we are looking forward to. Let me know what you decide for May.
Too bad the lunch date last week did not work our. With all the rain this winter we are feeling a little cabin fever!! Jerald and I are watching the weather for a couple days to get down to the delta to try out our new trailer. That is going to be tricky with the weather the next few days.

Peggy Meyers
I would love to get together for lunch since I missed the reunion. I have sold my house and moving into a condominium on Saturday. It is just on the other side of town. It is bigger than my house but no outdoor jobs. Just a small area to be able to plant flowers and shrubs. Actually it is right next door to Janice Worman. Needless to say, life has been hectic. I am looking forward to being settled, if that ever happens!

Jeanie Rainey
Thanks for reaching out to all of us! Everything’s good with me and right now I’m sitting in Peoria, AZ. (We go home Tues). We’re planning to move to this area soon and rent a home in Del Webb Sun City while we are looking for a permanent home. We are looking forward to exploring AZ and seeing all their natural beauties with the mountains, lakes, G. C., all the desert plants, which I love, and go to many creative and healthy food venues that they offer here and don’t forget all the
professional sports teams they have. We’ve already been to several baseball games on previous trips and I’m really looking forward to ice hockey and a live soccer game. I will have a lot of first experiences here! Like anywhere, it will have positives and negatives. We’re in the process of selling our home and believe we will be moved by end of April. Thanks for keeping the lunches going and I will vote for keeping them going. I will becoming back for visits and would love to see everyone. Once we are settled and have a permanent address, I will share and would love to have visitors from our 1963 ladies lunch group. Keep in touch Dottie and please consider a visit. I’m hoping Daralyn will come too. I don’t think Sharon likes AZ very much so I don’t think she’ll visit but, like I said, we’ll be back. Take care, keep in touch, talk later, luv, Jeanie.

Barbara McRee
Just got back from a fabulous trip to Key West and Cuba this morning.

Cherie Deter
I’ve been pretty quiet on my end as so little has been happening. We are very happy to be in our new house and are still working on clearing the jungle of a yard. There are also a lot of 80′ plus junk trees on unoccupied lots on 2 sides of us. Luckily we have an association here and they’re trying to contact the owners. It just needs to be taken care of before hurricane season. The county still hasn’t cleared roads back to the farms in our area even though they’ve gotten the FEMA money. We’re working on a new plan to do it ourselves. The owners of the lava covered lands around our Kipuka are giving us permission to bulldoze across their private lands to get home. Right now most of us just want to get our things out of our houses. One night I needed a potato masher for dinner and realized I only have one at the other house. Everyone is saying this sort of thing is happening to them too. It just gripes you to go out and buy little things you already have. Enough of my complaining! Over here we are taught to say no matter how bad things are “We lucky live Hawaii”. Say hi to everyone.

Maudeen O’Banion
I retired in Oct, have had more snow to shovel this year than I did in 2004 when I first arrived here. Volunteering 3 to 4 days a week so I don’t just sit and watch TV. Heading to S.F Thursday to see Hamilton.