Leigh Goodall (1962)

Leigh Goodall

To those who knew Leigh she was an example of a true and dear friend who was admired and loved. Her friendly smile expressed her warm and sincere feelings.

Many talents and honors were achieved by Leigh throughout her first year at Yuba City. Her singing of MOON RIVER is everlasting in our hearts. Because of high quality in writing and service to the school paper, Leigh was chosen as editorial editor, which is an important position.

Although we grieve and our hearts are deeply sorrowed, we must remember that God’s will was fulfilled. She was needed for some purpose far more important than the life she led in this world of today.

Let us lead our life with meaning and righteousness. Through us the will of Leigh to lead a clean rewarding life can be extended. Surely she would want it to be no other way. Leigh will never be forgotten, for we will remember her as she was, the best friend anyone could ever have.