Sir Walter St. John’s Grammar School, London, England (1700-1986). Form 1iii Class Photo – Autumn 1957.

RASHID CHOUDHRY attended from 1957 to 1959 when he immigrated to the U.S.
SIR WALTER ST. JOHN’S GRAMMAR SCHOOL, Battersea, London, England (1700-1986).

After it closed, it was taken over by Thomas’s and made into a primary school. Prince George of Cambridge enrolled as a student in September, 2017.

Form 1iii Class Photo – Autumn, 1957

Left to Right:

Back – Harry Hawkes, Ted Pitman, C. F. Medcalf, D. Hamilton, Roger Follett, M. W. V. Raymen, Brian Moore, Form Master Mr. Brookland, RASHID CHOUDHRY, Raymond Peck, Terry Johnson, ?, B. G. Hedgecock

Middle – R. P. Bard, Steve Potter, J. H. Leader, G. C. Thompson, G. Skomorowski, G. A. Boothman, ?, Terry Cordery, M. A. Willis, Christ Richardson

Front – Brian Gibbons, Steve Josiah, L. Woods, B. G. Lewis, Brian Blake, Brian Howlett, K. Shillam, John Brazier, Alan Davies, R. C. Dwyer

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